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PageDesigner™ Website creation tools

  • Concept Development
  • UX Resource Management
  • Visual and Interaction Design
  • Information Architecture
  • User research Strategy & planning

LexisNexis offers numerous marketing solutions for legal clients. This includes a variety of website and SEO products ranging from fully customized to DIY (Do It Yourself) options. The PageDesigner™ application leverages a Content Management System and takes advantage of LexisNexis systems to populate and maintain dynamic, current site content. Here I worked to develop a new architecture for the structure and support of DIY sites providing full customization of individual sites and the ability to easily add and maintain site designs. Additionally, we developed a new User Experience for the client-facing inline-editing and content administration tool.


PageDesigner Design Center
PageDesigner Design Center - Template Selector


PageDesigner Content Editor
Inline content editing tools for the creation and management of websites.